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Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom Remodelling

Royal Interiors Design emphasizes excellence in planning and designing bathroom renovation work. Make the most private area in your house as stylish as the rest of your home with overall designing solutions in Bangalore.


Royal Interiors Design at Bangalore strives to be your destination for absolute bathroom solution. It begins with a free consultation by one of our in house design specialists. Royal Interiors Design will help you with the entire process of designing or redesigning your kitchen or bathroom.

Following the completion of the Scope of Work, we begin the fun part – selecting products. Our staff begins drawing your cabinetry while you look at wood finishes, and door styles. Many decisions need to taken during a remodeling, but our highly skilled personnel’s can advise you on choosing accessories, shelving,flooring, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, countertop materials, cabinetry, and finishing touches like paint or wallcoverings.