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Potted Plants

Now, let your home take a breath of fresh air - set up a few of our outdoor pots & plants at your living room or balcony with unique & variety of potted plants that releases an optimistic energy into the atmosphere of your house. Watch your space take on a new life with green & fresh potted plants exclusively offered by Royal Interiors. The trendy RÅGKORN plant pot can weave a touch of rustic appeal to the living room, whereas if you’re more into the least aesthetic, the elegant SOCKER plant pot is perfect for you. Now, you can also add some splash of color to your hallway or your balcony/patio with the gorgeous CHRYSANTHEMUM plant available in vibrant colors.

Wall Art mirrors

Wall mirrors are not only handy when you're putting your outfit together or adjusting your hair. Larger ones or lots of small ones in a group can make rooms look bigger and brighter, too. Many of our mirrors offered by Royal Interiors Design in Bangalore & elsewhere in Karnataka can be hung horizontally and vertically, choose what matches your space and requirements.