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Light gives a profound appearance to your home, and helps you to utilize the space capacity of the environment. Light offers an in-depth experience which leaves a persisting mark of emotion upon the individual. Being the foremost designing solutions in Bangalore, Royal Interiors Design also comes with modern lighting decorations for your home.

Cove lights

Cove lighting is one of the fundamental lighting items, a kind of illuminating that directs light to the ceiling plane from a cove on one or more sides of a room to offer altogether diffuse illumination. It is also referred to as ambient luminescence. Cove lighting is generally mounted to or attached into a wall, but it can also be situated within a ceiling coffer.

Table lamp

A Table lamp can deliver substantial light required in a work space, lounge or bedside table. For e.g. The table lamps prove effective in serving the perfect touch of grandeur in the environment at a Dining space of a restaurant, hotel or your own dream house. Royal Interiors Design composes of a wide variety of Table lamp designs which are affordable & add to your home aesthetics.

Pendant Fixtures

It is growing popular in the contemporary kitchen & Bathroom that weaves a cozy natural atmosphere at night with sufficient light. This pendant light is hanging from the wall or ceiling to deliver direct light overhead in working areas to improve utility & efficiency without causing any stress to eyes. As it is placed on upper level of the room, it covers a wide area that lightens up each & every corner of the room. It depends upon the style & area as to where you want to place the pendant light that is what defines its purpose. You can use it for ambient, task or accent as well. Royal Interiors Design composes of a wide variety of Pendant Fixtures designs which are affordable & add to your interior aesthetics.

Outdoor lighting

Whether you’re looking for some outdoor lighting or some fairy lights to brighten up your garden, our range of outside lights has something to offer. Choose a light with a soft, warm glow or something with more of a twinkly shine to make your outdoor space warm and inviting. With alluring designs of Solvinden & Storhaga, light up your outdoor area.