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Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen

Kitchens in studio apartments will probably be a corner that needs transformation and innovative planning to make it work.

Kinds of modular kitchen layouts
  • Straight Kitchen
  • L Shaped Kitchen
  • Island Kitchen
  • U Shaped Kitchen
  • Parallel Kitchen

Where kitchens are concerned there is no getting around the fact that you would need space for a refrigerator, an oven or a stove. You will also need cabinets, a kitchen island and a nook to dine.


One of the most general sight, that Residential interior designers in Bangalore do is use an L shaped kitchen flat cabinet topped by ceramic tile as a kitchen island. Our expert interior designers provide a breathtaking finish to your kitchen considering the placing up of Crockery, kitchen items, herb pots, and pans can be stored beneath while you cook in your own world. Set up a few cabinets on the top and find space for a small table with a pair of complementary chairs and your cozy kitchen is all set.

Those who have a bit more space can opt for a modular kitchen island which will be a prime area of action. And while you are designing an island, you might as well make space in the island to store crockery. The rest of the space can be devoted to cabinets, oven, freezer, etc., a pantry space to store dry food materials.

Some of the special characteristics trending in most apartment Interiors in Bangalore are hidden storage space, ergonomic islands and perfect lighting design which offers a dramatic effect to the space. Light as an element can be used to play around in the kitchen space. From including pendant lights over the tabletop to adding soft lights within cabinets that turn on when you open it, the kitchen can become a unique space irrespective of whether it is small or big. This presents a neat picture visually and also serves well for those working in the kitchen.